A Vision for SENEA

In many fields, people are encouraged not to use the word 'problem' - it's too negative and makes everyone depressed! Problems are there to be solved! So, don't call it a problem, call it a 'solution opportunity'!

Well, the solution opportunity that SENEA has is fewer ministers. When the Area was formed, there were 23 worshipping communities and 11 ministers. Now, there are almost the same number of churches, but only 7 ministers when we are fully staffed. And at present, we have one vacancy, and two of our ministers are going on Sabbatical leave this year.

SENEA isn't alone! Both our parent denominations, the United Reformed Church and the Methodist Church, have fewer ministers, as the following figures show:


Year Methodist URC
2013 1,815 494
2017 1,448 398




So, what solutions will we bring to this opportunity?

A Vision Group has been set up to work on this. 

The Group has invited each church in the Area to examine itself to identify its STRENGTHS and its WEAKNESSES, to look for the OPPORTUNITIES it has and the THREATS which face it and would prevent it from reaching its goals. Almost all the churches in the Area have completed this exercise, and the Vision Group have looked at the results.

The next step is a listening exercise. Between February and July 2019, two people representing the Area Leadership Team and the Vision Group will visit each church to talk with them about their future. After that exercise has been completed, the Vision Group will discern a way forward according to the feedback we have received and the available Area resources. The Vision will be presented to the Area meeting ready for implementation in 2020.

The Group needs YOUR SUPPORT! You can PRAY! Every Wednesday, at 8.30am, those involved are committed to pray for the development of the Vision. You can join them - just set aside a little time - a few minutes, quarter of an hour, half an hour even, and offer our Ecumenical Area to God in prayer. Between us, and with God's help, we can fill this 'solution opportunity'.